A Description of "The Importance of Patience"

 I must confess to you all, my friends: The Importance of Patience has nothing to do with light. I have told some of you that I call it an “allegory.” An allegory, by definition, is a “story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning.” The direct symbol, which is reasonably obvious (as reasonably obvious as can be made with my still amateur and inexperienced writing), is the role of patience in bringing to us the riches of life, love, and success, or in the case of the unnamed narrator, light. Many essayists tend to build their essays to be a reflection of some node, some facet of their lives. The narratives, however fictional or unrealistic they may be, often reflect, represent, or even describe a sequence of events in their lives. Although I am no essayist, The Importance of Patience does, indeed, reflect, represent, and even, to a limited extent, describe a sequence of events in my life. The dark does not represent depression or languish; rather, it describes the normality of a life with which I am still discontented, although not unhappy. The light does not represent an end to depression or languish; rather, it describes the ascension of my life from normal to euphoric. I cannot, unfortunately, describe to you all the specifics of this narrative, beyond the simple symbol. The final few paragraphs of the essay are largely theoretical, relying almost entirely on faith in the future (so, essentially, those events have yet to occur, and may never occur). The rest represent a sequence of events, a sequence so impactful on me that it inspired me to write a story examining and even recreating it.