Resuming Regularly-Scheduled Publishing of "De Omnibus" Entries

Cygnus-Cassiopeia Bands of the Milky Way. September 2022, Newport State Park.

As you all may have seen, publishing on Essays by William has almost completely halted over the last three months. There are several reasons for this (which I will enumerate later), but please note that, as is regularly scheduled, new De Omnibus entries (there are forty-two left) will be released every Sunday at 7 P.M. Central. The schedule, which was in place before the extended pause, will remain the same as publishing is resumed.

I recently paused all De Omnibus publishing from September 26th, 2022, to early January 2023, in order to prioritize school work and college applications. Now that both my semester at UW-Milwaukee and my college applications (understanding that my political positions may cause disruptions, I will not be announcing where I have applied) are complete, I no longer have those barriers which prohibited me from editing, fact checking and distributing these entries to the broader public; as such, I will begin editing entry twenty-two, Quantum Superposition and Entanglement, on Monday evening.

Before regular publishing begins again, I must first indicate that all published entries have gone through two rounds of meticulous fact checking–first during the initial research, and second during the editing. All sources are presented in APA format at the end of each entry; no sources used for research purposes are excluded from each “References” section. As always, the rugged nature of my topics can lead to factual errors, which is why I’ve made comments, criticism, and fact checks very accessible on both my website and my contact; you may either email your concerns to, or you may comment on the post. Regardless, I will see to your concerns and, assuming you are on the right, adjust accordingly.

I hope to see you, my readers, once again in the coming weeks. We have many difficult topics to fight through over the following forty-two weeks (including, in a month, an entry on the Hilbert space). The road ahead may be challenging, but together we may walk the gardens of knowledge, and eat from the fruits of astrophysical, mathematical, philosophical, artistic and literary insight.