The shores of the Atlantic Ocean near Rockport, MA.

We stand upon the shores of prospect, potential,

The excitement of college, consuming.

With bliss and curiosity, we progress,

But at the cost of our love, heartbroken.

We’re taken, I’m taken;

We have taken each other’s hearts, defenseless,

And poured their contents into one cup, enchanted.

We have become one, entangled.

But we must become two again, broken up.

As our ships part from the shore, stray adrift,

As the eternity of memory, with its sticky tentacles, approaches,

Know that, though we are destined to separate, a love lost,

Our hearts will always be intertwined, abiding.

As the seconds pass by, relentless,

Growing faster and faster, so rapid,

And the inevitable doom of our love, no escape,

Draws closer,

Know that nothing will make me regret, I’m certain,

Or question,

Or deride,

Or reject

The truth:

I love you.