a broken bracelet

The bracelet breaks,

And with it

Every memory of us flows back,

Spills over like

The beads falling, lost, inexorable,

To the floor.

A symbol of

Last summer,

Once forgotten,

Ripped apart by the

Worn elastic of the bracelet,

As the last piece of you

Leaves my body.

I have moved on;

I have found my home here,

One-thousand miles away,

But I will never move on from the memories.

Nostalgia, melancholy, poignance,

They all come rushing back as

I thought I had left them behind.

Yet I am no longer broken.

I miss the memories,

I miss our love,

But with the bracelet,

My attachment to you breaks also.

I jump into the Atlantic,

Off the rocks in Rockport,

Away from a world I once knew.

The bracelet is broken.

My love is lost.

My attachment is gone.
I am freed.

I am free.