A Homage to the Past

A homage to the past. 

I’ve discovered the wilderness,

I’ve discovered the woods,

I’ve discovered my nature

And yet I’m less free.

A homage to the past.

I am become student,

I am become leader,

I am become intellectual,

And yet of myself I am none.

A homage to the past.

I lost chasing and running and hunting and savaging.

I lost wearing mud and running around and climbing and falling asleep with the worms.

I lost survival and connection and discomfort and emptiness.

I lost living.

A homage to the past.

I want fear,

I want uncertainty,

I want death,

And yet life, artificial, gives me none.

A homage to the past.

The simple life was better.

The simple life had no materialism.

War, university, politics, closure,

What are we doing to ourselves?

In our self-interest, we’ve created something

Which does not work.
We are from the dirt;

We shall return to the dirt.

We must live upon the dirt.